Purpose. Duty. Commitment.

GSC Logistics provides over the road services with drivers well-trained in safety, asset protection and product quality, to assure you have the best possible product delivered to market. We will also offer you a vast array of value added programs in transportation, designed to deliver reliable service at cost-effective prices.

Our Over the Road Services include:

  • A fleet of dry and refrigerated trailers, with G.P.S. security units.
  • Four axle tractors and four axle trailers for overweight services throughout the P.N.W.
  • U.S. Customs bonded transportation.
  • Smart Way Transportation Partner.
  • Hazardous Materials licensed with trained drivers.
  • Driver monitoring through Mobile Comm.

 Reduce Time and Costs:

  • All pricing is tailored to our customers' requirements.
  • Fully integrated E.D.I. communications and reporting.
  • Driver communications and route updates through Mobile Comm.

Customized reporting.

  • Value added programs for transportation and redistribution.